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Katie MAK

Katie MAK


Vegetarian, not yet a vegan/Midwife and yoga instructor

Strength and flexibility/Passion and compassion

Courageous while sensitive

Favorite yoga pose?

Natarajasana! The king dancer pose. My besties even ordered a birthday cake for me decorating with a dancing doll in Natarajasana.

Favorite Dessert?

Matcha Matcha Matcha! Anything in matcha flavour, better to serve with Anko (Red bean paste!)

What got you to be a midwife?

This one is tough!

The term Mid-wife is derived from old english: with woman. Being able to just stay with the lovely expecting moms, share some little tips and support the mother-to-bes in their pregnancy journey and birthing process are truly precious moments for me.

Yoga vs aerial hoop/pole dancing?

Never stop learning and exploring.

Fancy tricks and moves in aerial hoop/pole dancing WOW me. After being so ‘Down-to-earth’ with mat yoga practice for 7 years, I am surprised to find myself enjoy dancing in the air with my favourite chilling playlist.

Must-have in a yoga class:

A beginner’s mind to let go of your ego


Registered Nurse/Midwife in Hong Kong

200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) – IYA, 2015

300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) –IYA, 2015

100-hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) - Bliss Baby yoga(Australia), 2016

Himalaya Tibetan Singing-bowl Therapy Training Program (Yoga Alliance) - Yin Mindfulness Yoga, 2017

15-hour Yoga Wheel Teaching Certificate (level 1) - Tree Yoga, 2018

AntiGravity® Fundamental - The Yoga Room, 2018

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga 1– Flex, 2018

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga 2– The Yoga Room, 2018

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