Classes we offer


This class will take you through the basics of Hatha Yoga. If you are a newbie to yoga or just want to refresh your skills then this is the class for you. Our instructors will lead you from gentle breathing exercises to a sequence of mindful yoga asanas. You will definitely step out of the classroom with an energised, balanced and inspired body and mind.


For beginners or people just returning to the mat. 



Hatha Yoga uses postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and help relaxing the body. This class help you build a solid foundation, and encourage regular students to push the boundaries of their practice, and brings them balance , strength and calmness. A variety of poses with modifications for beginners/regulars will be given.



This is a gentle flowing class designed with dynamic movements with your breath leading the way. Build your strength and foundation while you explore a sequence of asanas and transitions. 

The pace of this practice makes it suitable for beginners to follow and advanced to tailor to their own strength. 


Prenatal yoga is specially designed for expected moms tailoring to their unique body needs throughout journey of pregnancy. 

We will start the flow with guided meditation and breathing exercise, followed by yoga postures with the aid of yoga tools to open and strengthen the muscles, which are essential for labour and postnatal recovery.

You will feel connected with your body and mind , finishing the class with alleviated discomforts and relaxed mind. 

Just join our nurturing and positive community, all transitioning into the role of motherhood.

Our experienced and qualified prenatal yoga instructors will guide you through.

For pregnant ladies from 12-36 weeks. You can consult your obstetrician before starting the session.



This class is specially designed with a flow of breathing exercises and guided meditation, followed by a sequence of classic fitball exercise tailor to unique needs of the childbearing body. Let's get on to the fitballs, building up our pelvic floor with strength and flexibility and releasing tension in our low back and hips. 

For pregnant ladies from 12-36 weeks. You can consult your obstetrician before starting the session.


Enjoy yummy stretch to release the tension in your body? Our instructors will guide you from warm-ups to deeper stretches according to progression. We will explore and open up different group of muscles in your body in each class. Get your bendy back and flexy legs with us.



These are themed classes, building to a peak posture that will ultimately help you build strength and flexibility in your practise. It synchronises qualities of stretch with qualities of strength to create an overall, awakening, and a balanced feel to the body and the mind. It focuses on core and body strength as well as inversions and arm balancing.



“All you have to do it lay over the wheel and you will start to gain the benefits.”

With the aid of Dharma Yoga Wheel, you can do backbending and frontbending. You can build your strength and flexibility. You could correct body postures and restore a healthy spine. Yoga wheel is not only yoga props but a useful and practical tool in your yoga practice.

Beginners welcomed!



A beautiful blending of Yin and restorative practice, which is largely based on sitting or lying postures. Each pose is held for 3-5 minutes to reach the deepest layers of your muscle. A good chill after a long day, great for beginners , those working with injuries or seeking for gentle and relaxing stretch. You will leave refreshed and spiritually inspired.



We are here to guide you through a restorative sequence with meditations and beneficial yoga postures to boost your own health and wellbeing. Preparing the body for conception by learning to honour our menstrual cycle and engage these practical tools. Let’s share our health and lifestyle tips for fertility with our experienced instructors.



Facing some challenging time for the month? Fatigue, leg cramps, irritability...etc.
This class is specially designed for the unique needs of feminine body.
We will lead you through a session of guided meditations and conscious movements to help you tune into your senses, balance your hormone level and experience peace of mind. You will expect an energized and refreshed body after the class.



For moms who are newly postpartum and wanna resume regular yoga practice.
We will flow through a gentle restoring sequence to sweat out a little, rebuild the core muscles and flatten the mummy tummy, following by a tension releasing sequence to open up the body and kick away the tight shoulders and upper back.



Classes encourage children to understand and practice developing kindness and mindfulness in their relationships with people, their bodies, and the earth. Messages of love, peace, compassion, and a respect for the power of nature are woven throughout the practice.



Themed intensive classes specialize in building strength and flexibility. We will guide you through to the peak posture by deep stretches and warm ups with assistance of wall, blocks, and wheels.


Couple Prenatal

Our signature couple yoga class taught by Katie MAK and her partner. Enjoy the laughters, sweats and stretches with your partner in your pregnancy special journey. Spend the Saturday afternoon with us to enjoy a fruitful hour with breathing exercise, gentle massage and partner poses.

Stay tuned for the schedule of workshop.
Workshop will be held once a month



“One is only as young as the spine is flexible and the mind is open.”

Flip, swing and fly through space with the Harrison Antigraviety ® Hammock , lean in and learn the art of letting go while activating feelings of strength and synchronicity.


An introductory class for newbies  to learn how to utilize the hammock to derive the optimal benefits you seek.  Zero-compression inversions, suspended mobility and flexibility are included.


Explore the evolution of yoga into open space. Flow through a series of vinyasas and poses like traditional yoga class, with added levity and benefits of flight.

Decompression and Cocooning

Open up space in the body & mind with gentle mobility and breathing exercises and a zero-compression inversion, followed up with a simple levitating meditation in your own private cocoon. (a minimum of 15 minutes.) Your day will be completely recharged after this power nap session.


Mums and Bubs

Enjoy the mess with the babies in this very special class! You could involve your baby in the yoga postures with our guidance or just have him or her near to you. You will learn some simple massage for your baby and rhythmic movements accompanied by nursery rhymes and songs. 

Enjoy the class with your bub and find the meaningful connection with other new moms in the circle!

For babies from 4-10 months. You are welcome to attend to your baby's needs either by feeding, changing, holding or generally reassuring them in your presence at anytime.