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Avis CHAN 


Working mum / creative producer of TV programme /

Yoga instructor / Ashtanga intermediate series in progress

Determined and modest 

Forever student, practice and it comes eventually

Favorite yogurt toppings?

Chocolate shaves and dark coca crunch @ yomama and chocolate dressing @ smile, not to mention I’m a true chocoholic.

Motherhood vs career

“ why not both?”

It’s easier said than done.  I’m luckily in enough to have full support from my family, that always encourage me to achieve further in my career.  With a better time management, life seems balanced with my dear son and my work as a yoga instructor and TV producer. What you have to sacrifice is ...your sleeping hours.

First pose you taught your child?

Downward facing dog. 

I didn’t teach him but he just learnt it when he saw me doing this. Later he invented a modified downdog posture, with head down and two hands up, can anyone tell me what’s the name of this pose?

Must-have item for yoga class

Always listen to your heart and body, monitor your resistance. 

Favorite Yoga pose

Kapotasana, King camel pose. I have a stiff left shoulder and this was the pose that I discovered my left shoulder problem.  You can only do this with a balanced body, and a balanced mind. 


200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) – IYA, 2015

300 Hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance) –IYA, 2015

95 Hours Children Yoga Teacher Training – Semperviva Yoga, Canada, 2015

Antigravity ® Fundamental - The Yoga Room, 2018

Antigravity ® Aerial Yoga 1– Flex, 2018

Antigravity ® Aerial Yoga 2– The Yoga Room, 2018

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